Thursday, September 30, 2010


Okay (Shannon) this is my update... We went to the beach for a long weekend, had a B L A S T!!! The girls were hysterical and I just wish that I had taken my camera to the Red Bar. Or the video camera. One, to catch the girls dancing with the band (yes maam they are groupies) and the other to catch the sweet MM yelling from the bathroom at the Red Bar to the other side of the restaraunt, "You want me to get you another beer daddy?" Oh so funny! We got laughs and looks, but what can you do, you are at the beach! We got back from the beach and I had a slight worrisome moment thinking that Carolina had a hearing loss b/c she was 13 mos and was not talking. Can't help it, it is the Speech Therapist in my. Then one morning we were in the big bead and I was half asleep but waking up to hear Carolina, "tickle tickle tickle" then she went on to say about 10 words to herself. So funny. Now she talks. Thennnnn yesterday I got a call from daycare saying that MM fell and had a cut on her head and they wanted someone to come take a look at it. Then they said, she may need a stitch. A stitch meaning one! I got to daycare and MM said, "I got a booboo on my forehead" Yes you do and get in the car! So we ended up with FIVE stitches. You can count them! There could have been more but doc says five will do. I must say, she did absolutely wonderful and only cried during the actual stitching. So proud. When we left she said..., " I think I need a birthday cake. A birthday cake would make my booboo feel better." So we went to the Cakery and got a small birthday cake. The end!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Again backwards... eating leftovers. she's not 8 mos yet but she is refusing baby food and will only eat table food. yes maam- she is like her mama and likes the food!
Noah and MM about to start the Easter Egg hunt

My sweet family. I am blessed, truly blessed!

Easter morning! Happy Easter everybody

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well I knew i was going to do this, b/c i always do. i went backwards! oh well.
with daddy
carolina and mama (this was at MM's 2nd bday)

My baby is two!

At Thanksgiving.

Little Miss watching Old McDonald!

We really do exist!

Hello my friends! Yes I know I have been gone for a while and I could list you several excuses for my absence, but instead I'll just say TWO GIRLS! :) Really though, we have had so much going on in Davis country. Daniel and I have started going to a new church that we LOVE. Max Milligan is two. She is the funniest child I have ever met. I know you think I am biased but I promise you, she's funny. I go to work laughing every morning. Some of her MMisms... Carolina will cry and she says, "it's ok, i'm right here" so sweet. She went to a Tech bball game and did not like "buzbuz" she told me he picked her up and she "cried like a little baby." She is sneaky and you cannot leave any kind of sweet on the counter b/c she can reach! When she runs, she says "oh goodness oh my goodness." Carolina is 7 months. She is the sweetest, snuggly baby ever. She is a mama's girl and will pitch a fit only when she is hungry and you are not feeding her fast enough. She pushes baby food away and will reach for your plate in a heartbeat. You think I am kidding but the girl loves couscous! At this point she has no teeth but she is working on them. She is sitting up on her own and she looks at MM with sister adoration. It is so exciting to see the two interact with each other. I pray that they are best friends always. Daniel is praying that they'll want to have a small double wedding. Ha! Ha! Moving on to Daniel. What a great father and husband. He is the chef of our house and does so much. I could not imagine doing this without my teammate and best friend beside me. He is moving up in his job and learning a lot. I am back in the groove at the hospital and have a lot of exciting things going on there as well. I am hosting a conference for our NICU in Apirl so all friends, pray for me during this time. So far it is all coming together. At the house, we are redoing the backyard so following pics of the girls (shanny- all for you)you will see before and after of the yard. God has blessed us in so many ways. He is AWESOME! On to the pics

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a little catching up to do.

Hello all my friends in blogland. Just wanted to catch everyone up to speed on life with two girls. Two very cute and funny girls. First off, my bestie, Jamie had her sweet Harper 11 days after Carolina. Here is the first meeting of the best friends to be...

I laid Carolina down on the chair while we ate supper and MM said that she wanted to go "night night" too. She is such a good big siss. Always giving her kisses.

So the pictures were downloaded out of order but here again is me holding Harper and Jamie with Carolina.
Love to everyone, Katie